Beto, Tommy, Juan & Simon LIVE!


★Beto, Tommy, Juan & Simon LIVE!★

皆さんこんにちは。ドラマー Simon McDowell、ギタリスト Alberto Garcia、ベースギタリスト Tommy Jaime、キーボードプレイヤー Juan Ortizによるライブがあります。

ギター:Alberto Garcia
ドラム:Simon McDowell
ベース:Tommy Jaime
キーボード:Juan Ortiz

会場:元住吉 Powers 2
時間: 開場午後7時、第1セット午後8時開始、第2セット午後9時開始

Hi everybody! This will be a live show with drummer Simon McDowell, guitarist Alberto Garacia, bass guitarist, Tommy Jaime and Keyboard player Juan Ortiz.
It will be a night featuring many different tunes and genres ranging from Funk, Blues, Fusion, to Atmospheric. It will be a groovy night and is sure to make you move!
Also the venue has got a lot of great food and drinks menu to enjoy. And don’t forget to try their Hawaiian Icecream. It’s really good! 

Guitar – Alberto Garcia
Drums – Simon McDowell
Bass – Tommy Jaime
Keyboard – Juan Ortiz

Date: 12th October 2017 (Thu)
Venue: Motosumiyoshi POWERS2
Time: Doors Open 7:00PM. 1st Set 8:00PM, 2nd Set 9:00PM
Live Charge: 2000YEN